Skate Classes

The skatepark offers some of the best classes and private lessons for skateboarding in Orange County. Please view the Lake Forest Liesure Times for current schedules, available classes and lessons. Simply go to the skatepark section for the latest available classes. You can also register onlinePlease be advised that when signing up for a class or lessons, a skatepark annual membership is not included but required. The cost is an additional $15 for non-residents of Lake Forest, resident memberships are free.
  1. Beginning Skateboard
  2. Intermediate Skateboard
  3. Preschool Skate School
  4. Private Lessons
Beginning Skateboard Lessons I
This class is designed for riders of all ages that are new to riding their skateboard. These lessons help develop the basic skills needed for beginners, such as:
  • Balance
  • Learning how to ollie
  • Pushing correctly
  • Rolling down banks
  • Safety in the skateboard park
  • Turning
Full protective gear consisting of a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads is required. A skateboard purchased from a skateboard shop is highly recommended. A quality board turns better, rolls better, and is much safer to use. This class is taught by experienced skatepark staff who create results. Participants must provide their own skateboard, pads, and helmet.