etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest Expansion Updates 2011

Some footage from one of the first sessions in the Expansion.

August 20, 2011    The expansion offically opened! Click here for photos of the expansion.

August 2, 2011 - The Expansion is now open to the public and is just about completed. The official grand opening is August 20, 2011! The coping and tiles in the skull bowl will be replaced the week after the grand opening. The Shade structures should also be completed in the coming weeks.

The expansion offically opened! .The Expansion is now open to the public and is just about completed. The official grand opening is August 20, 2011! The coping and tiles in the skull bowl will be replaced the week after the grand opening. The Shade structures should also be completed in the coming weeks.

June 16, 2011 - Pool is getting close to completion. The tedderstone coping arrived yesterday!

June 10, 2011
A new shot of the week of the first pour on the cradle.

May 27, 2011 A quick view of the flow course. The entire outer edge of walls/ transitions has been completed as of this morning!

May 23, 2011 -
Click here for today's latest photos.

The new street run is looking good. Don't worry the stairs are still going in! We are looking to open the expansion in mid to late August 2011.

May 5, 2011 - Click here for the updated photo gallery.Things are progressing and concrete is going in!

April 19, 2011 - Click Here for the latest photos!

The mini bowl is ready for concrete! The new flow area and new pool are also taking shape nicely!

March 28, 2011 - Click here for the latest photo gallery Some of the things going on this week are completion of storm drain lines, start of mini bowl excavation, and installation of some final drain work. Next week the first signs of coping will be installed in the mini bowl area as well as excavation of the new flow area and new pool.

March 16, 2011
The hill is now gone and final demo work is ongoing. Excavation of the mini bowl and street run should start later this week after storm drains have been trenched and completed. Due to the variety of construction going on at the park, there will be areas of the park closed for skating for the next few weeks. The pools and flow course are going to be closed during periods of the day and during the night. The night closures are due to two of the light towers currently being down for relocation and the street area it the only area well lit enough to ride safely. As soon as things are able to be opened, we will once again reopen them for riding.

March 10, 2011 The excavation of the hill has begun and should be complete by next week. The main parking lot will be closed to public access so make sure to park in the upper lot. Here is the latest set of photos.

Febuary 23, 2011   Tractors in action on the main hill.     

Febuary 17, 2011
Shane Cox blasts a lein to tail in the midst of construction! The expansion is moving ahead on schedule! Don't forget to follow the expansion on facebook here!

Febuary 7, 2011 - The project has offically begun and California Skateparks will be working on the expansion for the next 5-6 months.

January 11, 2011 It may not look like much, but most of the plant material has now been removed from the hill as of last Friday. The "Notice to Proceed" will be issued on February 7, 2011 and the Skatepark expansion construction will begin by California Skateparks. We are looking at a summer completion if there are no more unforeseen delays. All plans have now been submitted for the relocation of the power lines!

January 10, 2011 Construction will hopefully begin in the next few weeks. The recent storms have caused unseen delays and we are still waiting on the SCE designs to relocate the power lines. As soon as we have those, the project can proceed!

December 15, 2010 - The project is still slowly moving along. We are waiting for one final piece of the plans to be completed before construction will proceed. This is the relocation of phone and power lines and must be completed by the phone and power company. This final delay has construction looking to begin mid january now, but could be sooner.

November 12, 2010 - Just got the email the order for pool coping from was placed today for the expansion - RAD!

Noveber 11, 2010 - We added this page to the website to track the current expansion of the Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest. In the next few weeks California Skateparks will begin to construct the new additions with a completion expected in February 2011, You can follow the expansion on our new face book fanpage or our main skatepark fan page. We will have photo and video updates as the project progresses and also information about the official grand opening when it is scheduled. Stay Tuned!!!!

Some Articles about the Expansion Project from OC Register- 

Here are some more renderings of the proposed build!

This view is of the expansion without the street run included. City Council voted to add the funds to construct the street run too so it will be included!

In this view you get a basic idea of the new flow and a general idea of the new pool. Below is a a more accurate shape of the new pool. All new pool coping will be Tedderstone!

The street run will be included in the build. The top mini bowl is 3.5 feet deep with a 5 foot extension topped with pool coping. The run includes a 6 stair, pier 7 manual block, and the roof top hit. The retaining wall facing the current flow course will also have quick tranny added to it the entire wall to the hubba ledge.

This shape is much more close to the final pool design. It will have shallow end stairs, light, 2 death boxes, and even the blue colored concrete. The deep end is 9.5 feet deep.