Nectar's Preschool Skate School

Nectar’s Preschool Skate School ~ Great for Young Beginners! 


This program is geared specifically to younger riders as an introduction to skateboarding and the Skatepark. Students will navigate through the Skatepark with their instructor and using Nectar’s official Etnies Skatepark game board. The game board will help students learn beginner skills, general skateboard safety, and safety in the Skatepark. We will also host skateboard-related crafts, and an ice cream party on the final day of camp! Healthy snacks will be provided daily. Please make sure your camper brings a skateboard, helmet, elbow/knee pads, mask, and enough water to last for the duration of class.

 Fee: $150 per person. Limited to 5 students per session.

Location: Etnies Skatepark of Lake Forest (20028 Lake Forest Dr)

Online Registration Open on April 15th at 8:00 AM

For more info call: The Skatepark at 916-5870

Act#:7795    4-6 yrs     Jun 15-24 Tue, Thu    10 am-12 pm

Act#:7796    4-6 yrs     Jul 13-22   Tue, Thu    10 am-12 pm

Act#:7797    4-6 yrs     Aug 17-26 Tue, Thu    10 am-12 pm

 Please note that skate camp participants will need a waiver/membership form filled out prior to entering the skatepark. Program participants enrolled in skate classes, camps, or special events will have membership fees waived during the duration of the program. However, if the participant would like to use the skatepark outside of designated program times, they are required to pay the membership fee.


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